Looking through Dwell Magazine’s recent recap of the mid-century’s greatest hits, we noticed some design elements reflected in Archipelago Workshop’s Ventura Hillside project. An example of everything old being new again? Or maybe, it’s that truly great design becomes part of our collective conscience.

By the way, Ray Kappe, the architect represented in the top left photo, still lives in this Los Angeles home of his design with his wife, Shelly, who says of the house: “to young people coming here, it still feels contemporary.” Read more about the 86-year-old Kappe’s design philosophy here.

Here’s to inspiration, from – and at – any age.

1960s Ray Kappe_Ventura Hillside

Left: Ray Kappe residence built 1960’s | Right: Ventura Hillside project

Gropius Haggerty House_Ventura Hillside

Left: Haggerty House by Walter Gropius | Right: Ventura Hillside project

van der Rohe Lafayette Park_Ventura Hillside

Left: Mies van der Rohe’s Lafayette Park | Right: Ventura Hillside with MvdR Barcelona chair